About Us

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that champions new media arts and supports artists in creating innovative work. Our annual CURRENTS New Media festival, educational programs, and exhibition space give the public year-round access to immersive and expansive art experiences. Over the past decade, we have collaborated with 767 international artists to exhibit 918 works of art.


CURRENTS New Media 2020, August 21 – 30, will be our 11th year as an annual, international event. The Festival brings together nonprofit organizations and commercial galleries to celebrate 21st Century art making, blending interactive experience with beauty and wonder.

The Festival takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the third largest art market in the US, at the 30,000 sq ft El Museo Cultural exhibition space directly across the street from the Conference at SITE.  We will present 62 individual works by 90 artists from across the US and the world – interactive installations, single channel video and animation, robotics, multimedia performances, virtual and augmented reality environments, 3D printed objects, digital wearables, holography and things you have never dreamed of but will wish you had.

Our Opening Nights, this year August 21 | 6pm – Midnight, are attended by 3,000 visitors.

The Festival is enjoyed by a broad audience: families; youth; a tech savvy and outdoor loving, entrepreneurial generation; art collectors; and elders that are often brought by their children or grandchildren.

Coinciding with the Festival is Santa Fe’s inaugural New Media Week Celebration. You will be able to visit events and exhibitions throughout the city.

New Media Week Partners will include – CURRENTS 826, form & concept center, the Carl and Marilyn Thoma Art Foundation’s Art House exhibition space, Meow Wolf, the Santa Fe Community College, SITE Santa Fe and Axle Contemporary, with more to come.

You can view documentation of our previous festivals on our Vimeo page.

“Currents New Media is one of the most incredible, annual showcases of digital and tech-driven art in the world. The Festival confirms Santa Fe’s place on art’s cutting edge” – Co-Founder and former CEO of Meow Wolf, Vince Kadlubek


CURRENTS 826 is Parallel Studios’ year-round exhibition and experience space. In addition to the annual summer CURRENTS NEW MEDIA festival, this permanent space will continue to increase the community’s interaction with new media arts in an accessible, experimental environment. CURRENTS 826 features interactive art and installations as well as a futuristic gift shop featuring objects fabricated using digital technology.

Youth Media Makers Project

This project provides art/tech presentations to over 700 youth throughout the year. During the Festival Parallel Studios’ staff also trains and mentors 5-7 local high school interns and 5-7 art/technology majors from New Mexico and across the USA. During the run of the Festival we give guided tours to 300+ youth from SF Summer Camp Programs and Boys and Girls Clubs.